What to Carry When You are on a Self-Catering Holiday

What to Carry When You are on a Self-Catering Holiday

Luxury is the one thing many people seek when on holiday, especially if they choose to stay in a city. The hotels and other accommodation facilities may be epitomes of opulence, leaving you amazed at its various offers and amenities. But not everyone wants this feature at the place they stay.

Some people just love to savor the moments of a vacation in a home-like facility. Cottage holidays would be a great option for such travelers. You get to embrace the bounties of nature by exploring the various locations with your family and friends. Renting a cottage for a short holiday might serve you right when you want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. If you plan a self-catering holiday for your whole family, here are some of the things you must carry with you.

Factors to Consider

Once you have booked a cottage rental for a whole week and you have started packing for a holiday, make sure to consider the following features before buying any items for the week:

• How many days you are staying and traveling
• The different self-catering accommodation supplies
• The activities you have planned
• The facilities available in the neighborhood or village
• Decide the meals you want to eat at the self-catering accommodation


The Packing List for Your Self-Catering Holiday

Supplies for basic kitchen equipment should either be available at the place or must be carried with you. However, you cannot take the huge stoves ad refrigerators with you. So, never pick the facilities that don’t have any of the cooking equipment. Many accommodations also supply a starter kit of tea, salt, sugar, and coffee. For kitchen essentials, the accommodations are least likely to supply pantry items. Make sure to pack the following products:

• Tea, coffee, and sugar
• Salt and pepper
• Olive oil
• Clingwrap
• Alfoil
• Plastic containers

You can these according to your taste preferences and the amount of food you take.


Dry Goods to Self-Cater

A few other pantry items should also be added to your packing list, including:

• Onions
• Potatoes
• Bread
• Tomato ketchup
• Jams, honey, and other preserves
• Pancake mix
• Crackers
• Snacks (optional)


Cold Items

You can get a cooler box with a few ice bricks to pack all the cold items you need for cooking at the cottage.

• Milk
• Bacon
• Butter
• Cheese
• Eggs
• Fruit
• Vegetables
• Meat for all your meals
• Premade meals
• Dips
• Nibbles
• Drinks such as juices, soft drinks, wine, and beer
• Luncheon meats


For the Beds

The next most important thing after food is a comfy bed at the cottage. You need to carry all the items that you may need for extra protection or warmth. Here are some of the items you may need to pack since some cottages don’t offer them:

• Face wash
• Pillow
• Beach towel
• Bath towel
• Sheets
• Blankets



When you are at a cottage, you may have to do your own laundry. So, make sure to carry the following items:

• Pegs
• Washing basket
• Rope for a washing line
• Detergent

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