Tips to Make Your Self-Catering Cottage Holiday Memorable

Tips to Make Your Self-Catering Cottage Holiday Memorable

Spending a fortune on food would be the last thing you want when you are traveling the world. Expenses keep building when on vacation, especially when you haven’t purchased a package for the week. Food is one of the areas where you tend to disburse most of your funds. Time and money-saving ideas need to be opted for by everyone traveling on a budget. Only a few holidays can offer you the foods you want at affordable prices. You must make wise decisions when choosing the places to stay and dine. Those holidays that allow the freedom of self-catering breaks can be great if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on food.

From what you want to eat to when you want, it is solely based on your choices, meaning you don’t have to adjust your taste preferences to the meals available. Cottage holidays provide you with the perfect escape from the daily stresses, taking you away from the hustle and bustle of your crowded city. A place with no gridlocks awaits you at different locations across the globe. If you are planning such a self-catering cottage holiday with your family, here are a few tips to make the experience worth treasuring forever.

Cottage Holiday

1. Bring the Essentials

Make it a point to carry your essentials with you when traveling. You know the first thing to do when planning a holiday is to buy the essentials. When you take boxes of tea, sugar, salt, other condiments, and ready-to-cook foods, you can avoid huge dents in your purchases. You may also need the cleaning products such as soap, detergent, dishwasher tablets, a pack of disinfectant wipes, and toilet rolls.

Cottage Holiday

2. Plan Your Mornings and Evenings

Heading to the supermarket after the long drive could be more tiring. So, it is best to carry food at least for the first morning and evening. This will help you kick your holiday off to a smooth start. A made-ahead meal is the best option if you are driving and not flying. Casseroles or lasagnas can serve you well the first day; you only need to bung it in the oven as soon as you arrive. On the other hand, if you are flying, a small packet of sauce and pasta would be just fine. It would also be wise to throw in a bottle of milk or a packet of cereal for the next morning.

Cottage Holiday

3. Keep It Simple

You wouldn’t want to spend the whole day cooking delicious meals for everyone. One-pan dishes or any other preparations that require no much time and effort are ideal for cottage holidays so that you have enough time to explore the place.

4. The Dietary Requirements

Since food intolerances and allergies are on the rise, you might need to think twice before taking the all-fat foods to the cottage. Make sure to consider the dietary requirements of all the members or friends accompanying you. This will ensure a safer and happier holiday in the woods or the countryside.

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