The Best Cottages in the UK

The Best Cottages in the UK

Vacation cottages in the UK are becoming a trend for people who are looking for long-term vacations in a different country. People enjoy staying at cottages for up to six months, where they try to cut off from their busy lives for a while. More cottage owners are encouraged to use their property for vacation rentals. There is a long list of cottages that offer the best stay and facilities to the tourists. Here is our list of best cottages that tourists consider today for their vacations.

The Cotswold Manor Vineyard

Surrounded by vineyards, this cottage is a perfect place to relax and enjoy the holidays. There is a hot tub at the property with four bedrooms and three bathrooms, offering a quality stay for family and friends.

Holiday Cottages UK Cornwall


This is a fisherman’s cottage that can accommodate only four guests but is a perfect place for a family to stay. It is the most popular cottage destination in St. Ives. The rustic vibe with contemporary fixtures, granite walls, floorboards, and the backyard is best suited for a calming vacation.

Cinque Ports View

A renovated and modern-looking cottage in the center of Rye might be the best venue for your vacation. You can relax here, visit the local streets, shop and dine, and also walk to the Camber beach to witness popular world sunsets.

Peaceful Idyllic Stable

This cozy and comfortable cottage is located in Kent and is easy to reach from London. There are fields and sheep all around the place, offering a countryside vibe. The cottage has two bedrooms with a double bed in each room. It is a perfect stay for families and couples to spend a countryside vacation.


Wesley Homes Cottage

This special and old cottage is located in Cornwall. It offers a corn barn property and everything country. The traditional styles combined with modern luxuries provide a quality vacation to people who want to disappear from the world for some time. There is underfloor heating inside the cottage that clearly sets this place apart in terms of creativity.

Barnwell Cottage

Barnwell cottage offers a high-quality and modern vacation destination. The cottage can accommodate up to six members, making it suitable for both families and friends. You get special facilities like underfloor heating, WiFi, Subscriptions, and theatre for a long binge-watch vacation. You can also enjoy making your own BBQ at the cottage.


The Artisan

The Artisan cottage is a privately owned cottage that is super easy to find and book. The cottage is located on a slope at Malvern Hills that offers a great view. It has a wood-fired hot tub that is rarely found these days. You can hike around and come back to dip in hot water and then relax near the fire inside the cottage.

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