The 3 Best Holiday Cottages in the UK

The 3 Best Holiday Cottages in the UK

Life in the meadows is what many seek but find hardest to achieve, or it may just be a dream that lasts as such for the shortest time. But you could always explore the regions for the various seasonal offerings. Vacations to the green, picturesque locations would be worth treasuring and cherishing several years down the line. One of the best options to explore such paradises on earth is a cottage holiday. You get to travel across the country and through the natural hues of joy. If you are the one to establish an instant connection with the changing environments, the meadows, and the countryside could easily be your go-to. If you have trouble finding the best destination, head to the UK to pick a premium cottage for this year’s family vacation. Here is a list of the best holiday cottages you can buy or rent in the UK.

1. The Garden Cottage, Staffordshire


The main house of the Wootton Hall Estate enjoys its majestic position, while this garden cottage nestles at the left corner. It is one of the last remaining cottages that celebrate medieval architecture, meaning cosmopolitan ideas haven’t marred the regal image of the cottage. You can find the cottage’s soul to be intact, though the windows have been painted gray to accent the overall impact of the view.

Everything from the creaks of the floorboards to the roaring sparks at the fireplace makes this one amazing cottage to spend your vacation in. The Greenall family welcomes you all year round to savor the quirk of the cottage, which is also festooned with photographs of a legendary jockey on the ground floor. When you have taken a tour of the cottage, you can head out to the nearby farm shop that sells butter, meat, and ice cream. Culinary expertise can also be expected at this cottage, with the village pub adding to the flavors.

2. The Priory Barn, Suffolk


You may only want some space for yourself so as to keep calm and enjoy the tranquility. If you are one for the silences and joy of solitude, the Priory Barn could be one great place for this year’s vacation. The luxury will add more layers of joy to the overall experience. A private corner of the scenic countryside is all set to enchant you; the deeply rooted features of a dilapidated barn and a back garden make for the perfect escape into an age where technology was not at its best. You get to savor the beauty of nature here. The rooms and the furniture further accent the appeal of the cottage, with the ducks in the pond carving the last corner of the paradise.

3. The Angmering-On-Sea Beach House, West Sussex


This incredible beach house is the one for you if you love the cool atmosphere. Kids can also have a great time here as the space is huge enough for them to play around. A hot tub faces the sea for you to have a soak beneath the sun. The cuisines are something beyond words that it is an experience on a whole new level.

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