Places To Holiday In The UK

Places To Holiday In The UK

Places To Holiday In The UK

Great places to holiday in the UK

Great places to holiday in the UK are few and far between. The UK, consisting of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is largely an island country in northwest Europe. England’s capital, London, is home to the world’s most famous city, London. London is a cultural center of the west with its Museum and Public Library a major tourist attraction. Besides this, London is the venue for the opera, ballet and the Olympic Games. Aside from this, London is also the place to go for great shopping and is popular for its arts and crafts market.

A great place to visit in the country is Cornwall. The county is one of the world’s top five seaside holiday destinations because of its beautiful British beach line. There are tons of English beaches that you can visit such as Southwold, Stow, Croyde and Aylesdon. A popular beach town is Woolacombe, the oldest part of Cornwall. Other coastal towns such as Bude and Exmoor are also worth a visit if you’re looking for seaside adventure.

Another great place to visit is the Scottish Borders. It is one of the country’s most beautiful and picturesque counties. From the high hills of the Highlands to the loveliest beaches of Mull and Argyll, there are countless activities to do while you’re on holiday in the Scottish Borders. For sports enthusiasts, there is plenty of golfing, fishing and skiing to enjoy. The Trossachs and Orkney castles are also very well-known and are worth a visit.

One of the most popular European holiday destinations outside of France and Italy is Spain. With over 24 million inhabitants, Spain boasts great places to visit all over the country. The famous Pyrenees Mountains is very famous and there are some lovely hiking paths where you can get stunning views across the countryside. Madrid is a big city with a huge range of different districts, like Condesa, Mijas, Escritura and Almeria. Barcelona is the heart of Spain and is a great place to experience the Spanish culture and nightlife.

Switzerland is another country to consider when you’re looking for great places to holiday in the UK. The Alps offer a stunning landscape of snowcapped peaks and beautiful lakes. There are many lakes that you can visit, including the famous Lake Geneva, which is considered to be the lake of Switzerland. If you love hiking, Switzerland offers miles of trails, including the legendary Rhine Falls. In addition to all the exciting outdoor activities, Switzerland also has many indoor fun parks, golf courses, fine restaurants and even ski resorts.

Greece is another top destination country to choose when on holiday in the UK. Its rich history and modern culture are very much enjoyed by visitors from all over the world. Greece boasts a wide range of historical sites that are very interesting. Athens is a must visit and offers great places to eat, visit museums, go on sightseeing tours and take part in activities such as the Velaia Gala which gives a great view of the ancient Greek Islands.

Ireland may not be at the top of many people’s list of places to visit, but it should be. It is a lovely country with many different cultures and a variety of activities to enjoy. Many of the towns in Ireland are beautiful, lively and have some interesting history. Munster, Galway, Donegal and Kilkenny are some of the popular towns in Ireland. In fact there are so many great places to holiday in the UK in Ireland that you could spend weeks on end here.

Spain is another country with some great places to holiday in the UK. Although not one of the most popular countries on Europe tour, it has its own unique style of holidaying. And it doesn’t matter what your skill level is because it really does not matter in Spain. There are plenty of holiday villas, self catering apartments and holiday cottages available for rental in Spain. Spain is popular with holiday makers, so if you love Spain then you will love holidaying here.

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