Asian Holiday Destinations

Asian Holiday Destinations

With the Australian dollar steadily declining, Australian families have got to start getting a little creative when it came to affordable, nice holiday destinations for their annual break. While a lot of travelers are still flocking to Thailand and Indonesia, there is another group of tourists all over the world that are on the constant hunt for Asia’s best holiday experiences. The key here is not necessarily cheap hotels or beach resorts, but rather cheap flights and accommodation prices. Many Aussies are constantly looking out for some unique and new cheap holiday destinations so that Aussie dollars will go a little bit further in their travel budgets. So where are the ideal Asian holiday spots for this year?

Asian holiday destinations

If you’re one of the lucky Aussies who actually manages to get away from it all once every year then the first obvious place you ought to check out is Thailand. With a newly updated and modern tourism industry on its feet, Thailand is quickly rising up the food chain. Its cuisine, fresh air and stunning beaches have made it one of Asia’s best budget friendly holiday destinations. And if you don’t mind eating a bit of local cuisine then Thailand is perfect for the whole family. Add to this some amazing diving and snorkeling experiences, and you have an island paradise that won’t disappoint.

The next cheapest Asian holiday destinations to check out are Indonesia and Thailand. Both of these countries have beautiful beaches, amazing islands and a rich, varied cultural heritage. Indonesia boasts of the most diverse wildlife of any Asian country, including orangutans, large macaws, pigs, flamingos, tropical wild dogs, giant Sumatran orangutan and unique Indonesian tribal arts and crafts. On top of that, its budget friendly hotels and lodges really make up for the low price, with amazing shopping and night life on offer at Phuket, Chiang Mai, and Koh Samui. Add to this the fact that both islands have plenty of cheap flights, accommodation, and sightseeing opportunities.

Southeast Asia is a great place to choose if you want to escape the crowds and enjoy the unique culture, wildlife, beaches, and natural beauty that Vietnam and other countries have to offer. Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand, and Laos are some of the more popular travel destinations in this part of the world. A visit to Vietnam will also allow you to explore the beautiful countryside areas that surround Hanoi, which are famous for their Buddhist temples and pagodas. Cambodia offers something for everyone, from hiking and trekking to shopping, cafes, and nightlife. Vietnam is also popular for its travel destinations such as the Mekong Delta, which has become famous for their giant cattails and other water based activities.

And if you’re looking for the best Asian holiday destinations in Southeast Asia, look no further than Indonesia. Indonesia has a rich cultural heritage, which dates back to the second century. If it is your first time to visit Indonesia, there are plenty of excellent guidebooks to help you discover the country, including ‘Jakarta: The City of a Thousand Hills’, ‘The Archipelago’ and ‘Jakarta In Indonesia’. If you are looking for a particular activity or area of interest in Indonesia, you can take advantage of an online poll, where readers vote for their favourite places. Users can vote for things such as beaches, food, culture, beaches, and much more.

You don’t need a visa to enter many of these Asian holiday destinations, and if you are planning a trip to Southeast Asia on a budget, this is even more the case. There are a number of cheap flight specials available, and discount hotels are becoming extremely popular. There are also a number of local festivals to take part in, including bumiputra, or the Balinese New Year. For those who are interested in history, Vietnam offers a multitude of museums, temples and heritage buildings to explore. For lovers of art and culture, Vietnam and Indonesia offer more than enough to keep you satisfied.